About Us

Years ago we observed a lack of insurance-specific communication tools that were both not user-friendly, complex, and inefficient. The available tools often posed challenges in terms of setup, maintenance, and the need for extensive training and IT assistance.

Consequently, we developed Claims Letters with the firm belief that it would fulfill the commitment of providing a user-friendly communication tool tailored specifically for the insurance sector.

About us
As software development specialists, we planned our development around the work flow of insurance professionals from day one. We brief the UX and Dev teams with our user researc plus we ensure our entire team understands and empathizes with users throughout the life cycle.

Week also know that nobody understands your needs as well as you. Our mission is to combine your knowledge with our own expertise, so we can deliver a service that truly serves your users. Lastly, we build the apps with your future plans in mind, so you can easily expand features in line with what users need.

A user-first approach to design...

...guided by simple values

We only know one way of working, and that's to rely on our values. Because we care about creating amazing outcomes for your business, we refer to these values in every decision we make.
<b>Always keep promises</b>
<b>Constantly stay in touch</b>
<b>Never sacrifice quality</b>
<b>Be transparent</b>

Meet the Claims Letters Founder

Mark Chequer

Owner and Chief Technology Officer
Mark is our cheerful owner and Chief Technology Officer. Mark has 30+ years of experience in software development and the insurance industry, including many C-level positions. A passionate learner, technologist, and world traveler. He is also serious about charity and patronage, and he regularly donates to people in need (mainly his children :) ).