About Us

Recognizing the gap in the market for insurance-focused communication tools that were user-friendly and efficient, we noticed most options were complicated, hard to manage, and required significant IT support and training.

This led us to create Claims Letters, driven by the conviction of offering a seamless, easy-to-use communication solution expressly designed for claims teams in the insurance industry.

About us
As software development specialists, we plan our development around the work flow of insurance professionals from day one. We brief the UX and Dev teams with our user research plus we ensure our entire team understands and empathizes with users throughout the life cycle.

We also know that nobody understands your needs as well as you. Our mission is to combine your knowledge with our own expertise, so we can deliver a service that truly serves you and your users. Lastly, we build our apps with your future plans in mind, so you can easily expand features in line with what you need.

A user-first approach to design...

...guided by simple values

We only know one way of working, and that's to rely on our values. Because we care about creating amazing outcomes for your business, we refer to these values in every decision we make.
<b>Always keep promises</b>
<b>Constantly stay in touch</b>
<b>Never sacrifice quality</b>
<b>Be transparent</b>

Meet the Claims Letters Team

Alessandra Gutierrez de Leon

Senior Technical Program Manager

Alessandra is our business technical glue. With 18 years of insurance and technology experience, Alessandra brings a wealth of experience helping us merge all the different technologies that bring claims letters to life. We use pure Agile development methodologies and Alessandra is our Agile lead.

Alessandra is also the company webmaster, so if you like the design of the website, let her know.

Alessandra is passionate about all things coffee, with her guilty pleasure being a "Tipsy Affogato". What is a "Tipsy Affogato"? Ask Alessandra.

Xing Piao

UI Development lead
Our industrious and highly talented lead front end developer. Experienced in so many different technologies such as React.js/Next.js, Vue.js/Nuxt.js, Office.js, Yeoman, Node.js, Express.js, Redux, GraphQL, Typescript, SQL and NoSQL.

Xing has a busy social life playing soccer and hanging out with friends. His guilty pleasure is ice cream!
Mark Chequer

Founder and CEO

Mark is the founder and CEO of Claims Letters. With experience and passion for technology, innovation, and all things insurance. Mark embarked on his entrepreneurial journey to address a severely underserved but critical area within the claims process, communication with customers!

Mark's leadership style is characterized by his hands-on approach and commitment to fostering a culture of creativity and collaboration within the company. He is dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive team of talented professionals who share his passion for driving technological advancement and delivering exceptional results for their customers.

Mark loves to travel and can usually be found at some exotic location with his kiteboard or snowboard. His guilty pleasure is a Burger King "Double Whopper" <- no cheese!