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Claims Letters has been designed for you.

Consistency, compliance, ease of use and built for insurance professionals!
No techies needed, no code needed, we designed everything for you!
No code needed!

Most documentation systems are complicated and need weeks of training, but not Claims Letters!.

Our system is simple and designed to be used with little or no training. We digitize your policy documents and provide the basic templates you need from day one. YES, we understand claims! Behind the scenes, our servers transform the templates you already have into powerful, dynamic templates by merging claims data and integrating dynamic policy language.

No code needed?

We are insurance experts, we know how to identify a unique product and apply the right policy language.

Gone are the days of cutting and pasting policy documents or manually inputting information from claim or policy files. With our system, all the necessary data is seamlessly merged into the appropriate sections.

Furthermore, our powerful and flexible approval process can accommodate any required approval workflow.

Who do we work with?

Claims Letters is available on any browser, or as a Word or Outlook add-in.

Our interface has been designed to be used by claims adjusters. We know the work flow, we know the needs.

Out of the box, you get the basic templates for status, settlement and coverages letters. Because we can dynamically insert policy language into any letter, these templates will generally speaking cover most of your basic needs.

No code needed?
Try it out now!

See how easy Claims Letters is to use.

No other competitor can match this because their systems are overly complex, requiring months to integrate and become remotely usable.

We make Claims Letters accessible for anyone to try. Our test environment simulates a claim system; simply enter a claim number such as CAH123456 for a home claim and follow the flow.

Words words words, but we back it up, try it now by clicking here.

No code needed?