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Claims Letters has been designed for you.

Consistancy, compliance, ease of use and built for insurance professionals!
No techies needed, no code needed, we designed everything for you!
No code needed!

Most documentation systems are complicate and need weeks of training, but not us.

Our system is based on Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. We super power Word and Outlook to make it a breeze to create templates and letters. Behind the scenes our servers turn those Microsoft documents into PDFs, EMails, SMS messages, or send to our print and mail vendors. The user just sees Microsoft Word and Outlook, something everyone is familiar with.

No code needed?

We are insurance experts, we know how to identify a unique product and apply the right policy language.

No more cutting and pasting of policy documents, no more typing information from the claim or policy file. We have the data and we merge all the right information to the right place.

Who do we work with?
Try it out

Install our add-in and see how easy Claims Letters is to use.

Add our Add-in to Word and you will see a number of sample templates and we simulate a claim system. If you use the following types of CAH123456 for Home or CAA123456 for Auto (numbers can be anything) we simulate the real thing.

This is a single user environment, if you wish to see the system working in a more realistic environment, please contact us to discuss your needs. You can find the Installation guide here.

No code needed?