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that helps you communicate

Meet your customers‘ changing needs with our advanced customer communication and document automation solution.
Claims Letters integrates into your systems to create enhanced experiences and greater efficiency.

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Claims Letters helps insurance companies
solve their communication challenges

Are your teams always complaining?
Struggling creating basic communications?
Are your adjusters wasting time creating letters from old word documents?
See the solution
Efficency is money saved?
Is your letter writing process inefficient?
Efficiency is time, time is money.
See how to save money.
Are your letters compliant?
Struggling with compliance?
Our product is designed by insurance experts to manage the legal complexities of insurance communications.
See how we solve the legal complexities
Dealing with inconsistent design?
Dealing with inconsistent design?
We work with your current documents and turn them into letter templates with accurate and current claims data.
Get consistent templates
Who do we work with?
We work with small and medium sized companies. Our ideal client (hopefully you) realizes that their current tools just do not meet their needs, and they want to find a tool that is easy to use and meets their communication needs.
Who do we work with?