Claims Letters Installation
Step-by-step guide to install

Claims Letters is a Microsoft Word Add-In
Microsoft Add-Ins are intended to be installed by users, it's not so much an
installation, rather a configuration, let's Start!
Click "Insert"

Start Microsoft Word and click on the "Insert" menu option

Install Insert

Click "Get Add-ins"

Clicking on "Insert" will reveal the "Add-ins" menu tab, Click on "Get Add-ins". If your company administrator has already pre-selected the Add-in for you, you will find Claims Letters in "My Add-ins".

Get add-in

Search and Add

Enter "Claims Letters" in the search bar and press "Add" when found.

You will be asked to agree to our "Terms and Conditions", these are fun to read documents if you want.

Install Insert


Congratulations, you have now installed "Claims Letters". The next step is to access the system, we don't use passwords, when you click on Claims Letters the first time you will be taken through a wizard to help you register with the system.



This is the registration window dialog, you only have to do this once. Click on the "Get Started >" button to start the wizard.

You will be asked to enter your email address, a code will be sent to you to confirm who you are. You will then be asked to enter some person information, this information is important because it's used to build the signature section of your letters.

If you have any problems or issues during the registration process you can reach us here at support

Hope to see you soon!

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